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How Star2Star Offers The Best Solutions For Your Business

The DifferenceChoosing the right technology provider is a critical factor for the success and longevity of your business. Your communications and collaboration system serves as your company’s backbone, keeping everyone in touch and setting the tone of your customers’ experiences with your brand.

When evaluating providers, it can be challenging to weigh all the pros and cons, similarities and differences, and cost-effectiveness of your options. To make this process simpler for you, we have put together a few competitive summaries to show you how Star2Star offers the solutions, services, and support you need to thrive.


8x8’s voice, contact center, and cloud communications solutions can’t match Star2Star’s quality or value.

  • Your caller experience is entirely dependent on your internet connection, leaving you at the mercy of your bandwidth and other business continuity threats
  • 8x8’s solution set is often difficult to use and requires a long learning curve to get the hang of
  • Customer support has been reported as lacking by numerous online reviews

With Star2Star, you know you can rely on optimized voice-first traffic for crystal clear call quality, built-in business continuity, intuitive user experiences, and 24/7/365 customer support. We have everything your business needs to be successful!

Save 13% to 27% more with Star2Star’s competitive bundles, compared to 8x8’s similar offers.

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RingCentral’s underlying technology is not on the same level as Star2Star, and they can’t deliver the same caliber of overall service and value.

  • RingCentral charges much more than Star2Star for the same products and services
  • Their 99.999% uptime is actually less than 99.9%, which means your business could have up to 8+ hours of downtime per year and lose thousands of dollars in revenue
  • RingCentral’s solutions are built on a patchwork of software, making their system more difficult to use and manage when customer support is needed

Star2Star offers the best value on the market, with our end-to-end solutions and services built on our proprietary technologies or integrated seamlessly with our system. We also offer guaranteed 99.999% uptime, and have maintained this since 2011!

Save 22% to 48% more with Star2Star’s competitive bundles, compared to RingCentral’s similar offers.

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Despite Zoom’s rapid increase in popularity as a free video-conferencing tool, they haven’t been able to keep up with demand. Security concerns, massive network outages, and regular user experience issues have all plagued their platform.

  • Zoom’s platform was not built to sustain the level of traffic it gets now, creating network failures and regular software crashes
  • Zoom’s Meetings package price does not compare to the value Star2Star provides for the same services
  • Despite being a video conferencing provider, Zoom’s solution can’t compare to Star2Star’s browser-based, frictionless user experience

Star2Star offers an integrated suite of services including voice, video conferencing, contact center, and collaboration for the industry’s most competitive price and value. You get so much more than just video conferencing with Star2Star, at roughly equal value to a single Zoom Meetings package. When it comes to your communications and collaboration technologies, Star2Star is the clear winner for your business.

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