VideoConferencing: StarVideo™

StarVideo™ connects employees face-to-face at the touch of a button, without incurring travel costs.

If you have employees in multiple locations, StarVideo™ is the way to connect them face-to-face without incurring travel costs.

StarVideo™ is our easy-to-use video conferencing solution that creates more productive meetings at the touch of a button.

How It Works

Up to 12 users can join a real-time StarVideo™ conference with audio. Additional participants can join the conference in audio-only mode. It’s robust, interactive, and simple to operate. Here’s how it works:

To initiate a conference, an organizer selects the users to invite to the conference using a favorite list or by searching in the company directory.

Invited users will receive an on-screen notification, letting them know they’ve been invited to participate.

When a user accepts the video invitation, the system will provide a list of audio options, including the user’s office phone, cell phone, StarPhone, and any other extensions or dial in that user chooses.

Once the system has connected the audio, users click the “start sharing” button to connect to the video conference.

A whiteboard feature within the video conference allows participants to view and collectively edit virtually any type of document.

A text chat feature also allows users to communicate with one another during conferencing.

Invite External Users

You can invite non-Star2Star users to participate in a StarVideo™ conference. A notification email will be sent to them with a link. Clicking the link will open up a new browser window that will allow them to connect with the rest of the conference. Functionality may be impacted by user’s Internet settings and connection.

Schedule Meetings

StarVideo™ conferences can be created and scheduled through the easy-to-use Schedule Session screen, which allows users to:

  • Name the meeting
  • Invite participants
  • Set meeting duration
  • Set meeting date 
  • Set meeting start time
  • Select meeting type
  • Input a description of the meeting

Features Summary:

  • Videoconferencing for up to 12 people at up to 12 different locations
  • Audio only conferencing for up to 150 people (in addition to voice participants)
  • A whiteboard for collective viewing and editing of documents
  • Text chat so users can communicate without shouting over one another
  • A price that competitors just can't match