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Team Collaboration Software - TeamHub by Sangoma

Browser based solution supporting Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge

TeamHub is Sangoma's cutting-edge team collaboration software platform for hyper-productivity. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. Here’s how you can leverage TeamHub at your business:

  • Let go of email with the ability to message in channels and groups. Bring together internal and external members
  • Share and collaborate with files and other content
  • Integrate your toolkit of solutions into one business productivity and collaboration platform

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Team Collaboration Software Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • Browser based solution
  • User Preferences/Configuration and Guest User support
  • Channel and Personal Workspace management
  • Channel, Direct, and Group Messaging
  • Telephony services including 3rd Party Call Control, Settings, and Activity History
  • Video conferencing integration
  • Contact Management (Sangoma, Google & Office)
  • File Management (HubDrive, Gdrive, OneDrive, Dropbox)
  • Notifications (Desktop and Web)
  • Search (Basic)

Drive Teamwork & Projects

TeamHub makes everyday work and project discussions effortless with channels and workspaces. Seamlessly connect with direct messages to colleagues, start a group conversation, and share ideas and discuss projects in a connected and focused space. With our team collaboration app you can move easily into other modes by starting a video call or sharing your screen directly from TeamHub to get into the details.

Increase & Streamline Productivity with Team Collaboration Software

TeamHub helps you to optimize individual and group productivity. Conduct virtual meetings from anywhere with our built-in video conferencing solution that makes connecting with remote teams and knowledge workers effortless. Enjoy a frictionless experience with browser-based, zero downloads required functionality. Simply jump on a video call from a chat or channel and share your screen to discuss team and projects related content or conduct presentations.

Centralize Your Toolkit

Stay on top of your projects with shared to-dos and scheduled reminder messages. Attach files to your chat or just drag and drop to share. Find all of your team’s information, whether it’s messages, files, or links, through our powerful search. All you need is our team collaboration app to centralize your team's toolkit.

Be More Effective & Efficient

TeamHub integrates with all the apps your team needs and uses. Our team collaboration app brings all your work tools to one place with third-party app integrations. With your tools connected to channels and workspaces, you can provide deep context and underlying meaningful data to conversations and complete simple actions from the centralized TeamHub platform.

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