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Built-in Business Continuity

Business continuity is a critical consideration for every business. StarReliant™ powers our built-in business continuity features including local site survivability, ensuring that businesses remain operational even when the internet is down, as well as non-standard device management. With StarReliant™, your business can depend on Star2Star to support your communications through any external conditions and maintain our unbeatable quality and uptime guarantees.

VoIP Gateway & Local Survivability Features

Emergency Calling & Callback

StarReliant™ allows users to call the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) via a PSTN connection and enables emergency callback routing to callers during an emergency when the internet connection fails.

Extension-to-Extension Calling

StarReliant™ facilitates extension-to-extension calling within affected sites even if no outside connectivity of any kind is available.

Inbound & Outbound Calling

Upon internet failure, StarReliant™ allows inbound calls with smart distribution to extensions and outbound calls to external numbers via a PSTN connection.

Non-Standard Device Management

StarReliant™ allows for the adoption of analog phones, integrations with door strikes, overhead paging, and other non-standard devices for a truly unified communications backbone.

Business Voice+ & StarReliant™

StarReliant™ comes included with every Business Voice+ StarBox®. It powers the site survivability, built-in business continuity, and Quality of Service guarantees built-in to the platform. StarReliant™ also includes scalability and fail-safe performance guarantees with StarBox® upgrades or replacements in cases of company growth or if there are any service issues after 18 months, at no additional cost.