Seamless, Single Number Service & Texting

StarMessenger® is an SMS/MMS application that allows users to communicate via text messages to mobile phones of customers or other business contacts. It provides seamless communications with single number service using employee desk phone numbers or other designated lines when communicating via texting.

Features & Benefits

Two-Way Messaging

StarMessenger® provides two-way messaging capabilities between any US, SMS/MMS-ready phone numbers. The application supports SMS and MMS text messages, attachments, and hyperlinks.

Shared Contacts

StarMessenger® automatically populates your contacts list with existing contacts from StarPhone™ for Desktop. This feature keeps your contacts list updated in real-time, without duplicating entries. StarMessenger® also allows contact imports from Google, Outlook, and CSV files.

Persistent Message History

Messages are securely maintained in our cloud, allowing users to access their messages on any device with StarMessenger® installed. This prevents loss of message history and important information with the ability to maintain access on new devices or if a device crashes.

Intuitive Controls

Users can login to StarMessenger® using their Star2Star® single sign-on credentials, turn alerts on or off, search messages with the built-in search tool, manage settings, upload or backup contacts, and more!