Leverage The Power & Flexibility Of The Cloud

StarCloud provides superior VoIP quality, reliability, and flexibility for customers in need of an intuitive, easily deployed solution.

Experience the most flexible pure cloud communications solution in the marketplace with a system that streamlines and simplifies your communications. StarCloud offers a sleek online platform, complete suite of advanced Unified Communications features, and intuitive management controls that help you get the most out of your communications.

Why We Are Better Than The Rest

Star2Star specializes in providing innovative solutions for every unique communications need. Our Full Spectrum Communications Solution includes options ranging from pure to on-premise cloud that unifies voice, video, chat, mobile, fax, presence management, and more.

With StarCloud, your business can leverage ultra-reliable Unified Communications with the flexibility and ease of deployment that cloud solutions provide.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Unified Communications Features
  • Ease Of Deployment & Flexibility
  • Tiered Access
  • SD-WAN Capability
  • Portal Login & Centralized Dashboard
  • Simple Account Setup & Flexible User Roles
  • Callflow Designer
  • Scalability & Integration Capabilities
  • Global Network & Localization
  • Custom CODEC Configurations
  • Flexible Call Features
  • Works domestically and internationally
  • Multi-tenancy configuration, setup, and support
  • Simplified and streamlined billing

Key Differentiators

StarCloud leverages the power of the cloud in a pure cloud platform with advanced Unified Communications features and ease of deployment for an ultra-flexible solution. Leverage this innovative UC system that provides the tools to help businesses enhance their productivity and achieve competitive advantage.

  • Intuitive Account Setup
  • Custom & Turnkey Integrations
  • Activities Audit Log
  • Synchronized Contact Directory
  • Custom CODEC Configurations
  • Custom Music On Hold (MOH)
  • Drag-&-Drop Callflow Designer
  • Flexible Call Features
  • Hardware Management Controls
  • Internationalized Platform Features
  • Plug-&-Play Hardware Setup
  • Portal Login & Dashboard
  • Easy Video Conferencing
  • WebRTC Collaboration