Fax: StarFax™ Classic, StarFax™ Digital, & StarFax™ Mobile

StarFax™ solutions allow you to leverage traditional, cloud, and mobile faxing.

With StarFax™ Digital and StarFax™ Classic, you can enhance your business fax capabilities, whether you want to go machine-less or use your existing fax machine.

StarFax™ Digital

Star2Star’s StarFax™ Digital faxing solution adds reliable, cloud-based faxing to your communications system. StarFax™ Digital is a modern, environmentally friendly way to incorporate fax into your business workflow without paper, ink, or a traditional fax machine, saving you both space and money.

How It Works
  • Each user is assigned a unique, personal fax number for incoming faxes.
  • When a fax is sent to that number, the Star2Star system receives the fax and stores it “in the cloud” at a Star2Star data center.
  • Incoming faxes are stored as Adobe PDF files and a list of received faxes is displayed in the StarFax™ Digital inbox.
Key Features
  • Incoming faxes are automatically scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, making the contents of received faxes fully searchable.
  • Received faxes can be viewed within the StarFax™ Starlet or with a PDF viewer. Users can view, forward, print, or download faxes to their computers.
  • StarFax™ Digital includes an organizer feature which allows users to group their faxes into folders. All of a user’s faxes are available from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere.
  • Users can send virtually any type of printable file (doc, pdf, jpg, etc.) directly from StarFax™ Digital, without any printing or fax machines. If you can view it on your screen, you can send it with StarFax™ Digital.
  • StarFax™ Digital is easy to install. It operates on Windows XP (and later) and on Intel-based Macs running any version of OS X.
  • StarFax™ Digital uses the same user authentication credentials as your existing Star2Star system, so it doesn’t add any administrative overhead for your IT department.
The Right Fit For Your Business

StarFax™ Digital comes in different versions, each supporting a maximum of 100 to 1,500 pages per month before overage costs.

  • StarFax™ Digital 100
  • StarFax™ Digital 500
  • StarFax™ Digital 1500
StarFax™ Mobile

StarFax™ Mobile is a smartphone application that allows StarFax™ Digital users to send and receive faxes on their mobile device. StarFax™ Mobile will send faxes to or receive faxes from a StarFax™ Digital account or to a fax machine, all from an easy-to-navigate mobile interface. StarFax™ Mobile enables StarFax™ Digital users to quickly connect and transmit critical documents even if they cannot access a computer or fax machine. StarFax™ Mobile is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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StarFax™ Classic

StarFax™ Classic is an innovative way to send and receive faxes using your existing analog fax machine as part of your communications system.

StarFax™ Classic connects your fax machine to the Star2Star network using a specially configured Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). The ATA device uses your existing Internet connection to communicate with a specialized faxing server in our data center. This arrangement allows Star2Star to route your fax traffic over the Internet the same way we route your voice phone calls. Your fax can have one or more assigned phone numbers, allowing you to send and receive faxes to and from any fax machine, anywhere.