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Connected Workspace Is The Future Of Work

Desktop as a Service DaaS The way we work will never be the same. Modern business dynamics have been forever changed by remote work and the benefits of flexible collaboration tools, like DaaS (Desktop as a Service), which provides cloud-optimized storage, applications, and desktop services from anywhere. Cloud-based workspaces that allow for more agile engagement help increase productivity and deliver more value to businesses of all sizes with reliable, secure connectivity to every mission-critical workflow.


Key Drivers Of Connected Workspace


  • Improved Collaboration

    Improved collaboration Offers a wide range of collaboration capabilities to both remote and in-office workers, including seamless connectivity and tools such as direct messaging, group conversations, private spaces, voting for instant feedback, video conferencing, and screen sharing.

  • Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

    Employee engagement and wellbeing Allows employees to stay connected 24-7, if necessary, fostering engagement through the integration of persistent messaging technologies paired with voice, video, SMS, and fax solutions. Also boosts worker morale and supports work/life balance by giving employees enhanced flexibility to complete assignments on their ideal timeline.

  • Increased Productivity

    Increased productivity Offers a rich array of productivity tools (such as shared to-dos and reminders, and powerful search) that allow workers to quickly locate key data, share files, and manage documents to keep teams on track and productive.

  • Reduced Cost

    Reduced cost Transitioning to cloud-based, connected workplace also has clear fiscal advantages for organizations, from reducing corporate lease and office energy costs to the dramatic reduction or elimination of in-office furniture spending and IT capital.

What Is Connected Workspace?

Connected Workspace consists of key communications technologies such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), voice, collaboration, and custom integrations to provide seamless access to desktops, applications, and workflows from anywhere on any device. As the world becomes even more mobile, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity to mission-critical tools is a necessity.

No matter what industry you are in, the cloud-based Connected Workspace can helpfully connect all aspects of your company from physical locations, remote workers, assets, and business processes all in one easy-to-use platform. Connected Workspace keeps your employees at the center of your operations and take into consideration all the unique requirements and tools needed for the success of your operation.

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Connected Workspace Features & Benefits

Connected Workspace combines best-of-breed technologies to deliver a comprehensive desktop solution for on-premises and remote workers with a 'low touch' approach that allows employees to securely engage internally and with their customers. This helps small Mom & Pop shops to Global Enterprises and everything in between keep pace with today's challenges, accelerate business workflows, and achieve mission-critical goals.

What is a Connected Worker?

Any worker that uses connective technologies in their work environment to stay productive and integrated with their team is considered a connected worker. The connected worker is making improvements across many industries in the workforce due to the accessibility to information sharing with customers and clients by using connective software and devices that can be used from anywhere. This enables better collaboration and speeds productivity without taking up physical office space. To be a connected worker, organizations must provide cloud-based workspace solutions to their employees.

Benefits of the Connected Worker:

  • Saving Time – Connected workers with Connected Workspace have real-time access to all relevant information so that issues are resolved faster, and with fewer mistakes. The time gained back can be reallocated to other important tasks for maximum efficiency.
  • Saving Money – The minimization of lost labor productivity results in higher outputs of work indicating a higher potential of cost savings and improving your company's bottom line.
  • Employee Retention – The connected worker is supported with technologies that enable them to do their best work from anywhere in the world. Allowing workers to do work from home with tools to collaborate, increase performance and productivity results in a workforce that will do better work and for longer. Connected Workspace is a must to achieve employee retention.

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Key Features & Benefits of Connected Workspace Include:


  • x Seamless desktops, applications, and workflows
  • x Built-in security and super end-user experience
  • x Fully cloud-based, device-agnostic functionality
  • x Rapid scalability and customization options
  • x Integrated voice communications
  • x Integrated business collaboration
  • x Packaged Applications
  • x Vertical application integrations
  • x 'Low Touch' design to eliminate complexity
  • x Reduced hardware, IT, and overhead expenses
  • x Automated provisioning
  • x Comprehensive support from Star2Star
  • x Suited for all business sizes including single-location Mom & Pop shops to multi-location global enterprises
  • x No seat minimums; we customize your workspace to your specifications

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