Pure To On-Premise Cloud Unified Communications Solutions

Star2Star's Full Spectrum Communications Solution provides end-to-end Unified Communications solutions with options ranging from pure to on-premise cloud and an advanced features suite. Our solutions are customizable with various integration options and are scalable to align with your business' specific workflows. Explore our full spectrum of product offerings below to see why this is the only communications system you will ever need.

  • StarCloud

    All-inclusive cloud communications solution

  • StarCloud+

    Ultra-Reliable Cloud Communications System

  • Voice Features

    Voice features for improved collaboration and productivity

  • Pooling & Bursting Lines

    Unite your locations and dramatically slash your costs.

  • Advanced Call Center

    Improve your call center’s performance with StarCenter™

  • Mobile Applications

    A full IP telephone application with advanced presence

  • Conferencing

    Employees can attend meetings without leaving their desks

  • CRM Integrations Powered By StarPaaS®

    Fully utilize data for faster, more customized service.

  • Call Recording

    Save calls for later use.

  • Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

    Always have a reliable phone connection.

  • Fax: StarFax™ Classic, StarFax™ Digital, & StarFax™ Mobile

    Fax with or without a traditional fax machine.

  • Instant Messaging

    Hold productive conversations without picking up the phone.

  • Presence Management: StarScope® 2

    Monitor and control all of your communications.

  • Partner Services

    Ensure all your needs are met.

  • SIP Trunking: StarSIP AlwaysUp

    Reliable, cost-effective SIP solutions

  • Managed Network Services: StarBand

    The reliability and security businesses need

  • StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN Family

    Hardware specifically designed to fit any business

  • VideoConferencing: StarVideo™

    Connects employees face-to-face at the touch of a button.

  • Government Solutions

    Meet all the communications challenges faced by government

  • StarReporter

    Valuable, Digestible Business Analytics

  • StarPaaS® Connectors

    The Integrations Your Business Needs

  • StarReliant™

    Built-in Business Continuity

  • StarMessenger®

    SMS/MMS Texting

  • Full Spectrum Communications Solution

    End-to-end Solutions, Services & Support

  • StarWAN™ - Star2Star's SD-WAN Solution

    Optimized Full Spectrum Communications

  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS): StarDaaS™

    Virtual Workspace Solution