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SMB VoIP Phone Systems: Get Big Business Results On A Small Business Budget

Every small business owner understands the challenges of delivering big business service and results on a small business budget. Star2Star understands this dilemma and has the modern and responsive Quality Unified Communications tools you need to meet and satisfy your customer's expectations. Our Small Business Unified Communications System allows you to keep up with your larger competitors at a price your small business can afford.

As the leader in SMB VoIP phone systems, Star2Star knows the setbacks a small business can face and offers a range of tools designed to prevent and solve the problems that can occur.  We are a GSA Approved Secure Communications provider, which means that Star2Star upholds high standards for security and reliability, and we pass that quality on to you with the following features:

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Key System Emulation – Transitioning from an old phone system to an enhanced communications system can be daunting. Star2Star can design your interfaces to replicate an existing and familiar system for ease of use. You and your employees can easily manage business as usual, even with our new SMB VoIP phone systems.

Flexible Functionality – As with any business, staff roles vary along with their communication needs. Star2Star offers the ability to customize small business VoIP telephones and tools to suit each employee's requirements. Our variety of service options and SMB VoIP Phone Systems provide you with all of the specific features you want, without the cost of those that you don't.

Call Recording – The ability to record, store, and review past calls is a valuable asset for a small business VoIP phone system. Regular monitoring of call interaction allows you to measure and improve customer satisfaction, employee development, and intelligent business growth.

Cost Reduction – Star2Star's Small Business Unified Communications Systems are designed to provide access to more lines while spending less. Our StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN is smaller and more efficient to power. Our low-cost entry-level SMB VoIP phone systems and monthly hardware lease options give you access to all of the capabilities your small business needs, without requiring a large initial capital expense.

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery – Minimize the impact of an unexpected event that can disrupt your business flow. Star2Star small business VoIP solutions have a number of protection features that allow you to continue to get calls, access messages, and keep your business working so customers stay engaged with your brand.

Whether you work from an office, work from home, or on the road, every small business needs to communicate as a cohesive unit. A simple phone is not enough to deliver the results you need to produce and grow. Star2Star's Small Business packages provide the following Unified Communications tools that are necessary to work efficiently and collaborate throughout small business offices:

  • Quality phones from Polycom®, Cisco, Yealink, or Panasonic
  • Core Quality Voice Capabilities such as Find Me-Follow Me, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, and Call Transfer
  • Mobile Softphone (iOS) and Mobile Softphone (Android)
  • StarWatch, which proactively monitors the status of each of your locations
  • StarPath, which tests the call quality every hour for best results

With SMB VoIP phone systems from Star2Star, small business VoIP is taken to the next level. Our small business phone systems and the array of small business phones we offer can take your business to new heights. We invite you to chat with us so we can help you plan your small business VoIP strategy.


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