Reliable Enterprise VoIP & Powerful Enterprise Communication Solutions

Large enterprises have to deal with countless challenges on a daily basis.

You have to manage hundreds of employees working at different locations across the country and some who are constantly on-the-go. You have to field thousands of calls every day. You need a communications system that handles everything you require of it and streamlines and simplifies your operations. Star2Star’s solutions are just what you’re looking for.

The needs of a large enterprise are dramatically different from those of smaller companies. Star2Star provides communications solutions purpose-built to overcome the obstacles experienced by large enterprises.

Enterprise Solutions

  • Scalability: Our equipment is designed to handle as much traffic and data as you can throw into it, allowing you to add additional capacity for little cost when you need it. Our StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN 6000 supports up to 500 extensions and 250 simultaneous calls.
  • Mobile Features: We offer a number of features specifically for employees on the go. Find Me - Follow Me, cell phone apps, instant messaging, and more ensure that you are never out of contact with your offices or customers.
  • Call Recording: Recording phone calls can help you maximize customer satisfaction and employee effectiveness. Star2Star offers both cloud-based and on-premise call recording options to help your business communications solution run efficiently.
  • Flexible Functionality: Your executives have different communications needs than your secretaries, and your secretaries have different communications needs than your sales force. Star2Star’s system offers great flexibility. We can provide different telephones with different capabilities so every employee has the tools needed to get their job done. We also offer a variety of service options so you have all the communications features you need without having to pay for those you don’t.
  • Conferencing: Star2Star makes it easy for large groups to conference at once, even if the group is scattered across hundreds or thousands of miles. Features such as Standard Voice Conferencing allow up to 150 users to join a single conference call, while StarVideo allows for up to 12 users to participate in a videoconference.
  • Call Center Solutions: Star2Star delivers a number of services to help manage and operate your call centers, whether you have one or several. Features such as pooling and bursting lines, sophisticated call queues, call recording, and unified dial plans help you run your call centers more efficiently while reducing costs.
  • Disaster Avoidance and Recovery: Disasters can render an office unusable for extended periods of time, but your business operations can continue to function with Star2Star’s disaster avoidance and recovery protections. We can route calls to cell phones or different offices, store your voicemails, emails, and instant messages remotely, and more.
  • A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We understand that you may have reservations about undertaking as significant an operation as installing a new phone system, particularly if the system is going to be as large as an enterprise-size business needs. We want to alleviate any concerns you may have, which is why we offer a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.

True Team Effort with Enterprise Edition

Do you have multiple locations? A distributed, virtual, or mobile workforce? Bring everyone together as one powerful force with one powerful and reliable enterprise unified communications system.

Star2Star has an ideal solution for more than 500 users in one location and/or for those with large distributed and mobile workforces. If your company needs support for a heterogeneous environment, there is no better provider for guaranteed quality voice and collaboration applications. We can support you with virtually any type of phone or communication method your team needs to stay connected, whether a desk phone, softphone, mobile phone, or video chat. We are also fully customizable to your needs and can provide your service based on the number of lines or seats you need.

We are happy to bundle our business phone service with a suite of seamlessly integrated online tools so everyone is on the same page. Enterprises often choose these Star2Star solutions to meet their needs:

  • Polycom® VVX® phones for best quality voice hardware
  • StarPhone for iPhone and Android: better enable your mobile workforce
  • StarChat: communicate easily without distracting phone conversations
  • StarVideo: let up to 12 users in the "same room"
  • StarFax: fax with or without a fax machine
  • Call Recording: record calls and easily access them later
  • Boost collaboration even further with our suite of optional productivity add-ons, including security and CRM integration

All Star2Star Systems come with a 30-day money back guarantee enabled by our Quality Assurance solutions that are built into our system

  • StarWatch: proactively monitors the status of every customer location
  • StarPath: tests call quality every hour to ensure optimal quality