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What Is Unified Communications?

How Unified Communications Can Help Businesses 

What Is Unified Communications?Communications is central to the success of every business. Having the right tools makes the difference between seamless productivity or frustrating challenges.

Unified Communications is the ultimate form of communications technology. It combines all of the endpoints and tools a business needs to ensure smooth operations and consistent, high-quality experiences for their customers.

When a customer asks "What is Unified Communications?", this is what they should know:

  • Unified Communications is the combination of voice, video, mobile, fax, chat, conferencing, presence management, contact center, and virtual workspace solutions that centralizes all mission-critical communication needs in a single platform.
  • Unified Communications, also called UC or UCaaS, is a cutting-edge technology that leverages cloud-based and on-premises components to deliver ultra-reliable connectivity and crystal clear call quality.
  • The ultimate Unified Communications solution embraces a Full Spectrum approach, where everything including the system, solutions, hardware, maintenance, and ongoing support are delivered by a single solutions provider.


Business Voice

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