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Multi Phone System: Unify Your Business

Multiple Locations = Multiple Challenges

Organizations with more than one business location rely on their communication systems to help them work together as an effective whole, but many business phone systems actually get in the way of productive communication. Expensive interoffice toll calls, accounting codes for interoffice calls, and lack of a comprehensive dialing plan combine to make calling more difficult - and much more expensive - than it should be. The need for multiple phone lines for business is ever increasing.

Star2Star’s unique cloud architecture includes several features designed to reduce your monthly telephone expenses while improving communications and boosting productivity.

Star2Star's unified communications service provides users with a suite of features specifically designed to make multiple phone lines for business effortless and inexpensive:

  • Answer any incoming call from any office
  • No-cost interoffice calling
  • Shared phone lines across several locations with our multiple phone system solutions
  • Unified dialing plan across all locations
  • Ring groups and call queues operate across locations
  • Effortless multi-location call transfer

Why Our Multi-Location Customers Love Star2Star

  • Customers that require multiple phone lines for business now work as one
  • Satellite offices, work-at-home employees, and traveling sales staff are all part of the same phone system. All workers can share one incoming number, or key employees can have their own number
  • Everyone is reachable with Star2Star's multi phone system
  • Thanks to our innovative Find Me - Follow Me call forwarding, even highly mobile employees are never more than a few rings away. Employees can change their own call routing as their needs change
  • Meetings are a thing of the past
  • Flexible, on-the-fly conference calling lets workers attend meetings without leaving their desks. Mobile and work-at-home users can join in, too
  • Efficient voicemail management
  • Our voicemail-to-email option delivers voicemail messages to your email inbox, so users can listen and respond to important voicemails immediately
  • Custom Call Handling
  • Our web-based configuration manager makes it easy to create automated attendants and call distribution groups that guide callers to the proper person without an attendant or operator
  • Employees make better use of their time with our multi phone system solutions
  • Incoming caller ID and unlimited voicemail lets workers decide which calls to take and which ones to leave for later

Multi Phone System: Unify Your Business

Pooling & Bursting Lines Save Multi-Location Businesses Big

Traditional business telephone systems can share a group of telephone lines among all the users in a single location. Because those multiple phone lines for business are physically connected to a particular geographic location, it isn’t possible to share those lines with other locations. 

Most businesses typically have one telephone line for every two or three users. In most cases, this ratio of lines to phones is more than sufficient to insure that all incoming calls are answered and that there’s always a line available for outbound calls. However, unusually busy days or highly-seasonal business (think “pizza shop on Super Bowl Sunday”) can lead to busy signals, frustrated customers, and lost business. 

Predicting the number of phone lines your business actually needs can be a tricky proposition. If you buy too many lines, you’ll needlessly increase your monthly communications expense. If you buy too few, you run the risk of not having enough line capacity to handle traffic at peak times. The problem is even more complex for businesses with multiple locations. One location may be overloaded with calls while another is relatively idle. This is especially true for companies with operations in multiple time zones.

Star2Star’s innovative pooling and bursting feature keeps monthly telephone costs down while assuring that there are always enough lines available, no matter how busy things get. Star2Star multi phone system solutions are virtual, not physical. This means that the lines aren’t physical copper connections; they are virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection.

The lines are not assigned to any single location but are part of a pool of lines that can be used from any location in the organization. This approach allows the business to purchase a pool of lines that is large enough to meet the entire organization’s peak usage needs without having to purchase a fixed number of lines per location.

If the demand for lines – either from incoming or outgoing calls – exceeds the number of lines available, the Star2Star platform will automatically add additional lines on the fly. We call this feature “bursting,” and it ensures that a line is always available when needed, either for incoming or outbound calls. There is a small per-minute charge for bursting, but we’ll waive the bursting charge if the business adds additional lines to handle the traffic. Using pooling and bursting the business will never miss a call, and their customers will never receive a busy signal. Let us know if you'd like to learn more about our multi phone system solutions.