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Phone Systems & VoIP Installation Services

One Unified Solution Delivers Ultra-Reliable Phone Service Plus So Much More

If your company plans to move offices or open up a new location in the near future, it’s a perfect time to consider upgrading your phone service to Full Spectrum Communications from Star2Star. 

Communications solutions from Star2Star are easy to install and provide the most reliable voice technology on the market today. Star2Star customers have clearer, more intelligible calls without the rampant jitter, echo, distortion, or latency that plagues other service providers. Our support team will work with you to carefully plan out your system in advance and ensure that you have exactly the communications system that you want and need. We also carefully plan out installs in advance to make sure that everything goes smoothly on the big day. We maintain a nationwide network of installers that will do all of the heavy lifting necessary for an install for you. In most cases, Star2Star can even port your existing number to your new Star2Star cloud phone system, and we can provide additional new numbers in almost every area code.

The ease with which Star2Star can be installed will preserve your IT department’s resources, or even enable you to add an advanced unified communications system without an IT department at all. Once installed, Star2Star will help you acclimate to your new system with extensive online and in-person training. We also offer a number of system options that are designed to make your transition to a new phone service as stress-free as possible. For example, Star2Star can provide you with excellent key system emulation if desired. This means that your staff can operate our phones in the same way that they operated earlier phone systems, easing their transition. 

Once your Star2Star communications system is installed, we will continue to make things easier on you. Our system is easy to manage, so you can do it yourself with little problem. If you’d prefer, we can manage many aspects of your system for you, further lightening the load on your IT staff.