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Enjoy The Highest Possible Call Quality With No Delay, Echo, Or Distortion

Our unique Business Voice+ system combines on-premise hardware with a suite of cloud-based services—hosted at highly-reliable, redundant data centers—to create a complete, feature-rich communications system. One of the most important benefits we deliver for your business is the high quality of your telephone calls.

Our Business Voice+ Voice Optimized SD-WAN is one of the keys to our exceptional call quality.

Without having to modify or reconfigure your existing local area network (LAN) or Internet connection, the Business Voice+ Voice Optimized SD-WAN:

  • Connects to the Internet and to your office LAN.
  • Manages all of the VoIP traffic between the LAN and the Internet.
  • Adds end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) information to Internet traffic so that time-sensitive voice traffic gets priority over data traffic.

The end result is clearer, more intelligible calls without jitter, echo, distortion, or latency.

Additional End-to-End Quality Advantages

  • Quality cloud-based VoIP compression with G.729a, built-in quality of service (QoS) means three times more calls and superb sounding voice
  • 75% less latency
  • 67% less bandwidth per call
  • Two-way traffic shaping
  • 24/7/365 monitoring failover

About Our Network Architecture

An exceptional communications system requires an exceptional network. The Star2Star Constellation™ Network co-locates Star2Star services with Level (3) PSTN gateways to provide excellent call quality by virtually eliminating latency and efficiently managing audio traffic. The Constellation™ Network also provides centralized management of network and voice services in our data centers.

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