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Online Conferencing - When Employees Can’t Be In The "Same Room"

Just because you have employees scattered all over doesn’t mean productivity and collaboration should suffer or travel expenses should skyrocket.

Star2Star’s robust and easy-to-use online conferencing solutions can easily connect your employees—minus the cost of flights, rental cars, and hotel stays.

StarConferencing: unlimited conference calling

Set up “Meet Me” Conference Rooms for quick, easy, and secure conference calls for up to 150 users. Talk as long as you like. There’s no per-minute charge.

  • Callers dial a reserved extension or special DID
  • Conferences can be password protected
  • Conference bridge plays a customized message or music before start.
  • Organizer can monitor users online

The end result is clearer, more intelligible calls without jitter, echo, distortion, or latency.

Video Meetings: Videoconferencing

Up to 12 users can join a real-time video conference with audio. Additional participants can join the online conference in audio-only mode. It’s robust, interactive, and simple to operate. Here's how it works:

  • To initiate a video conference, an organizer selects the users to invite to the conference using a favorite list or by searching in the company directory. 
  • Invited online conferencing users will receive an on-screen notification, letting them know they’ve been invited to participate. 
  • When a user accepts the video invitation, the video conferencing system will provide a list of audio options, including the user’s office phone, cell phone, Mobile Softphone, and any other extensions assigned to that user.
  • Once the online conferencing system has connected the audio, users click the "start sharing" button to connect to the video conference.
  • A whiteboard feature within the video conferencing solution conference allows participants to view and collectively edit virtually any type of document. 
  • A text chat feature in the online conferencing system also allows users to communicate with one another.

For productive meetings when you can’t be in the same room, consider our conferencing solutions for your business.

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