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Low Monthly Rates that Cover all the Extras

Star2Star is here to save you money, reduce your total cost of ownership, and help your employees collaborate and communicate without worrying about cost.

That’s why we include a lot of free add-ons in our monthly rates—add-ons that other providers will charge extra for.

Here are just some of what our low monthly rates include:

  • Unlimited conference calling: set up "meet me" conference rooms for quick, easy, and secure conference calls for up to 150 users. Talk as long as you like. There’s no per-minute charge.
  • Unlimited free voicemail: store as many voicemail messages as you like, for as long as you like.
  • Ring groups: ring groups can include users in multiple locations, including remote and home offices
  • Multi-layer automated attendant: you can quickly create multi-level automated attendant menus which allow callers to choose from any number of destinations or locations.


Star2Star provides users with a suite of features specifically designed to make your communications effortless and inexpensive:

  • Answer any incoming call from any office
  • No-cost interoffice calling
  • Shared phone lines across several locations
  • Unified dialing plan across all locations
  • Ring groups and call queues can operate across locations
  • Effortless multi-location call transfer

Sharing the Load, the Star2Star Way

Star2Star phone lines are virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection. The lines are not assigned to any single location. They are part of a pool of lines that can be used from any location in your organization. You can purchase a pool of lines that is large enough to meet your entire organization’s peak usage needs, without having to purchase a fixed number of lines per location.

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