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Cloud Communications From Star2Star Offer More Than A PBX

Star2Star guarantees 99.999% uptime reliability for your business calls, and we’ve provided 100% uptime since 2011. 

Our automated quality monitoring system tests the sound quality of calls on every Star2Star business communications solution, every 30 minutes. Here’s what we do to keep your business going.

24x7 Monitoring & Help Desk

Our end-to-end cloud architecture allows us to monitor the health of every phone, call, and network component between your phone system and our data center, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We automatically adjust to changing conditions and contact you if we detect a problem. Our helpdesk is staffed around the clock, so we’ll be here if you need us.

Failover With Redundant Internet Connections

We automatically switch between multiple Internet circuits at your premise if we detect a problem with one of the circuits. We have redundant, high-speed fiber connections to the Internet at each of our eight major points of presence and two data centers.

Redundant Copper Carriers

We partner with multiple traditional telephone carriers to send your calls over the traditional phone network when necessary.

More Than An IP PBX

Business Voice+ offers much more than the traditional IP PBX. Our Business Voice+ system has all of the features of a traditional PBX, including call routing, key system emulation, and ultra-reliable service, but adds incredible value to your business. In addition to dramatically reducing costs, Business Voice+ makes it easier to link together multiple locations; unlike a traditional PBX, which is tied to one location, Business Voice+ enables an unprecedented level of mobility. And perhaps most importantly, Business Voice+ grants users access to a comprehensive suite of UC features including voice, video, chat, mobile, conferencing, presence management, fax, and more.

Next Business Day Parts Replacement

Business Voice+ StarBox Voice Optimized SD-WAN is built on a 100% solid-state platform with no moving parts. We will replace any broken component, including phones (if provided by Star2Star). 

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

If you experience an outage at your office, regardless of the cause, our StarRecovery™ system will immediately detect the problem and automatically take over as your phone system. Calls will be rerouted to designated employee cell phones, landlines, or other office locations.

Analog Line Backup

Traditional analog phone lines automatically backup your Internet phone lines if your Internet connectivity fails.

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