Star2Star & Sangoma Are Joining Forces To Deliver More Value   

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Cut Your Costs While Ensuring That Your Customers Never Hear A Busy Signal

Our innovative pooling and bursting features keep your monthly telephone costs down, while ensuring there are always enough lines available no matter how busy things get.

These business challenges combine to make calling more difficult, and much more expensive, than it should be:
  • Expensive interoffice toll calls
  • Accounting codes for interoffice calls
  • Lack of a comprehensive dialing plan
  • Not enough lines to handle incoming and outbound calls at peak times
  • Too many unused lines that needlessly increase your monthly expense

Star2Star provides users with a suite of features specifically designed to make your communications effortless and inexpensive:

  • Answer any incoming call from any office
  • Never miss a call again no matter what office you are in
  • No-cost interoffice calling
  • Reduce your costs across the board
  • Share phone lines across several locations
  • No need to worry about separate lines for each office
  • Unified dialing plan across all locations

Simplify Everything 

  • Ring groups and call queues operate across locations
  • Easily handle multiple calls coming in at one time
  • Effortless multi-location call transfer
  • Transferring calls has never been easier

Sharing the Load, the Star2Star Way

Star2Star phone lines are virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection. The lines are not assigned to any single location. They are part of a pool of lines that can be used from any location in your organization. You can purchase a pool of lines that is large enough to meet your entire organization’s peak usage needs, without having to purchase a fixed number of lines per location.