Star2Star: Hybrid Cloud Communications Solutions For Your Business

Star2Star excels at simplifying your complex business communications needs and reducing your costs.

Tens of thousands of companies rely on phone systems from the most Hybrid Cloud Communications Solution in the world.

How Star2Star Helps Businesses

Increased Reliability And Quality

Star2Star guarantees 99.999% uptime reliability and has maintained 100% uptime since 2011. Even better, we take every precaution to ensure that your calls are of the highest quality. Star2Star’s proprietary Constellation™ Network continuously monitors Internet traffic across the United States and routes calls along the pathway that is experiencing the least latency, a process known as StarPath. We also use two-way traffic shaping to prioritize voice communication and preserve your bandwidth.




A+ Score

Reduced Costs

Star2Star often cuts the monthly phone bills of our customers by up to 50%. Our line pooling feature allows you to share a single set of lines between all of your locations, reducing the total number of lines your company needs. Additional lines can be added on the fly using line bursting, preventing your customers from ever hearing a busy signal. Star2Star has also designed our VoIP business phone systems and equipment to run on less power than competing products, saving you money on power bills. The equipment itself typically costs less as well, reducing your upfront costs. Star2Star even provides flexible pricing and equipment-leasing options to give you the maximum budgeting room.

Expanded Functionality

Star2Star provides a rich suite of advanced unified communications features that are designed to provide businesses like yours with more communications options than ever before. StarVideo allows up to 12 users to participate in a videoconference, with more in audio-only mode. StarChat provides productivity-enhancing and efficient instant text messaging. StarFax Personal allows you to send and receive faxes in the cloud, and StarFax Classic allows you to send and receive faxes using a traditional fax machine. Additionally, features like StarCenter® dramatically improve your voice capabilities by giving you superior call management tools.  We offer unified communications bundles that maximize functionality while reducing costs.