VoIP Reseller White Label Program

White Label Program

Our White Label Program is a true one-of-a-kind. As both a software company and operator, Star2Star allows you to pick and choose the features you want to offer your customers and which features you wish to manage. Whether you’re small or large, new to the industry or an experienced veteran, our program has something to offer you. Star2Star makes sure that our partners have all the confidence and resources to provide your customers with the technology they need.

Star2Star Communications provides the World’s Leading Hybrid Cloud Communications Solution. Unlike other vendors that offer a soft switch and little else, Star2Star offer a complete solution with all the features, functions, and operational capabilities that your customers demand.

Star2Star Communications allows you to license our solution as a complete offering or as stand-alone offerings. We give you the option of selecting between a complete white label solution with pre-sale engineering, installation, configuration, provisioning, fulfillment, training, and ongoing support or licenses for just the specific components you need. No other vendor is capable of offering this level of flexibility.

We support any of these white label license scenarios and more:

  • The MSP who prefers to outsource as much effort as possible, preferring to manage a local installation and tier one support (while still branding the solution its own)
  • A mid-to-large facilities-based ISP or telecommunications company who wishes to run all hardware and software in its own data centers, leverage some or all of Star2Star B/OSS, billing, tax calculation, sales quoting, commissioning, support and fulfillment systems, and integrate all of this with its own provisioning, porting, or other systems (with the help of Star2Star’s Partner Services group)
  • A white label licensee who wants something in between those two extremes, leaving the possibility to take on more responsibility as sales scale up and the additional earnings justify the additional effort

The components you can license from the StarSystem®:

  • The Hardware: A complete configured solution, right down to stickers on the phone for each user, when it leaves out our door
  • The Platform: The parts that make up the core service delivery, operations, and support infrastructure
  • The Applications: Voice, unified communications, call center, and more capabilities

Other benefits of partnering with Star2Star

  • Training: We conduct formal training courses and additional online and hosted webinar training and refresher courses
  • Custom Development and Enhancement: We regularly modify our solutions to respond to the needs of the market and of our partners.
  • Partner Services Group: Star2Star’s partner services group responds to custom configurations and enhancements that don’t require core architectural change and reacts quickly to accommodate the special needs of your larger customers. We also lend our pre-sales engineering team to support large and complex opportunities. This is of particular use to you if you are just starting out but already have significant opportunities.
  • Marketing: Our large archive of marketing and sales support materials can be rebranded and made available to you. We also create custom marketing collateral upon request.

Partner with Us Today for Great Success Tomorrow!

At Star2Star, we understand that your licensees’ businesses cover a broad spectrum. We are not just a technology vendor; we are a full-service provider facing the same marketplace challenges as you. That’s the reason we act and work as a problem solver and true collaborator.

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