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Star2Star's Marketing Program

Star2Star provides our Partners with a complete catalog of free marketing services to help you sell Star2Star and promote your business. Explore our available resources below and contact us for more information.


Co-op Program

Receive credits in the form of marketing dollars towards resources like printed collateral, co-branded apparel, events, advertising campaigns, and much more.


Co-branded Marketing Collateral

Access co-brandable collateral designed to help you promote your company while selling Star2Star's solutions.


Co-branded Videos

Expand your reach and deepen prospect engagement by co-branding one of our videos with your logo and contact information.


Email Marketing & Social Media

Maximize lead generation and create engagement by implementing our comprehensive email campaigns and social media posts.


Events & Webinars

Events and webinars provide you with an active outlet for engaging your customer base and prospects.


Marketing Campaigns

Customize and implement pre-built marketing campaigns using our Partner tools.


Marketing Support

Minimize the complexity and expense of advertising by leveraging our end-to-end marketing support.


Results & Reports

Optimize your marketing strategy and develop better insight into the behavior of your prospects and customers.



Promote your business with our free microsite. We provide the content so that all you need to do is watch the leads come straight to your inbox.


*All Co-op requests are subject to approval.

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