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The Brickman Group


Star2Star Provides Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions That Transform The Way The Landscaping Industry Does Business

Communications is critical to the landscaping industry, but it can also be extremely challenging. Multiple offices, often located hundreds of miles apart, must be linked together, customers must be consulted frequently, and many employees spend the majority of their time working remotely on-site.

When the Brickman Group was moving office locations, the company decided that the time was right to upgrade their communications system. Read more to discover how Star2Star was able to improve the Brickman Group’s business operations in many ways, including disaster recovery and faxing.

The Brickman Group

What You’ll Learn

  • The concerns the Brickman Group had about moving an aging communications system
  • How Star2Star was able to reduce the Brickman Group’s costs
  • How the Brickman Group discovered that Star2Star’s features and services were just as impressive as Star2Star’s low cost
  • How features like Digital Fax and Analog Fax helped the Brickman Group

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