Star2Star & Sangoma Are Joining Forces To Deliver More Value   

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Auto Parts Manufacturer & Seller

TeraFlex is a premium Jeep Wrangler parts manufacturer and seller since 1996. They lead the Jeep off-roading industry with innovative products and solutions, serving customers worldwide.

When TeraFlex was experiencing a lack of support from their phone system provider, they knew they needed to switch to a new solution before their own customer service took a toll. With multiple locations, a dedicated contact center, and their extensive team of customer service reps, an ultra-reliable solution was a must-have. TeraFlex received a call from a Star2Star Partner and learned how the Full Spectrum Communications Solution could provide everything they needed and more, and they realized they weren't missing out only on exceptional support.


What You’ll Learn

  • Why TeraFlex ultimately decided to switch to Star2Star
  • How Star2Star added even more value than the TeraFlex team had expected
  • The new features and capabilities that TeraFlex enjoys most

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