StarCenter® 3 Case Study

Star2Star Partner, Customer & StarCenter® Veteran User

StarCenter® 3 Empowers Businesses To Provide Stellar Customer Support

Quo Vadis is a multi-service IT company with over 20 years of expertise. They specialize in providing mission-critical technology services and support to small businesses worldwide.

When Quo Vadis joined Star2Star as a Partner, they also began using the StarSystem® internally. Thanks to StarCenter® 3, and the entire Full Spectrum Communications portfolio, Quo Vadis was able to grow their company and streamline their processes like never before.

StarCenter® 3 Case Study

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about Quo Vadis, the services they provide, and what managing their business was like before Star2Star
  • See how they were able to grow with the addition of the Star2Star product portfolio
  • Learn how StarCenter® 3 became a critical component of their business structure and which features provide the greatest competitive advantage

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