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If Your Business Operates An Inbound Contact Center, You Need To Check Out What Star2Star Communications Can Do For You

Multi-location businesses and closely-knit sister companies function more efficiently when they use a single communications system and can reduce costs by getting all of their communications service from the same provider. Unfortunately, most communications providers are not capable of unifying multiple locations.

When a call center was told they would have to pay an exorbitant price to add call recording, the contact center and its sister company turned to Star2Star. Read more to discover how Star2Star was able to provide the advanced features that the companies needed and unify the communications systems of both entities into one.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How a call center that used PSTN lines was told it would cost thousands of dollars to add call recording
  • How the call center and a second, closely-related call center chose Star2Star
  • How Star2Star saved both call centers thousands per month and added new features that improved inbound call center operations

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