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Multi-Location Savings With Line Pooling

Multiple Locations + Multiple Challenges

Businesses with multiple locations face extra challenges staying connected, especially if those locations cross state lines and time zones. Unfortunately, many communications systems make the problem even worse by charging high long-distance rate, lacking a comprehensive dialing plan, and not providing the UC features that make communicating easier.

Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions from Star2Star overcome these challenges to provide a cost-effective and fully featured solution for even the largest multi-location businesses. Read more to discover how Star2Star helps connect all of a business’ locations at a dramatically reduced cost.

Multi-Location Savings With Line Pooling

What You’ll Learn

  • How Traditional PSTN Service Handles Multi-Locations
  • How Expensive Traditional PSTN Service Can Be
  • How Star2Star Handles Multi-Locations
  • How Pooling and Bursting Lines Work
  • How Your Business Can Implement Star2Star

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