LogicFound: Caton Companies

Partner Testimonial - Desktop-as-a-Service & Construction

LogicFound is a long-standing Star2Star Partner and one of the first to present Desktop-as-a-Service virtual workspace solution. They pitched Desktop-as-a-Service to Caton Companies, a construction business with an extensive network of employees who rely on their communications infrastructure to complete projects.

Caton needed a way to increase their operational efficiency and productivity for their entire organization. Many of their workers needed a simplified, streamlined way to access mission-critical documents from the field as well as in the office. LogicFound pitched the Desktop-as-a-Service solution since it could provide virtual apps and desktops, integrated UCaaS features, built-in security, and streamlined access from any device.


LogicFound: Caton Companies

What You’ll Learn

  • What Caton Companies liked most about the Desktop-as-a-Service solution and how it met their needs.
  • What Desktop-as-a-Service supporting features Caton Companies found critical to their success.
  • Caton's experience transitioning to the Desktop-as-a-Service solution.

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