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Empower Your Mobile Workforce With Connected Workspace

Seamless Collaboration For The Future Of Work

For many organizations, digital transformation is key to boosting growth, improving agility and increasing profitability. With cloud technology becoming more affordable than ever, businesses of every size can now rapidly adopt cloud-based solutions that enable the future of work. Virtual environments called cloud-based workspaces or connected workspaces combine the best of Unified Communications with virtual desktops and applications to provide secure and efficient collaboration across the entire organization. Cloud-based workspaces offer an integrated system of solutions, such as voice, video, and cloud storage to enable work from anywhere, on any device.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce With Connected Workspace

What You’ll Learn

  • What is Connected Workspace and the key benefits of cloud-based workspaces
  • How online collaboration tools and digital workspaces improve productivity
  • How Connected Workspace helped a company recover and protect mission-critical data after a ransomware attack

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