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Creative Switching Designs

Full-Service VoIP Technologies & Voice Recording Company

Creative Switching Designs Integrates Full Spectrum Communications Solution With Their Unique Premise-based Recording Services

The modern business is often faced with unique challenges that require personalized solutions. Creative Switching Designs, a company that specializes in providing services for the recording industry, healthcare, law enforcement, wealth management, EMS services, engineering companies, and more, saw an opportunity to better serve their customers by creating a unique integration with their recording services and the complete Full Spectrum Communications Solution.

Not only did their innovative solution help them better serve their customers, but it also differentiated them from all of their competitors. After partnering with Star2Star, Creative Switching Designs enjoyed the flexibility that came with offering an end-to-end communications solution and the comprehensive support provided to Star2Star Partners. 

Creative Switching Designs

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Creative Switching Designs chose Star2Star to help them better serve their customers
  • How easy it was for them to get started with Star2Star
  • What Creative Switching Designs likes best about their bundled service offering and Star2Star's Partner support

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