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Contact Center Case Study

Star2Star Partner, Customer & Contact Center Veteran User

Contact Center Empowers Businesses To Provide Stellar Customer Support

Quo Vadis is a multi-service IT company with over 20 years of expertise. They specialize in providing mission-critical technology services and support to small businesses worldwide.

When Quo Vadis joined Star2Star as a Partner, they also began using the StarSystem® internally. Thanks to Contact Center, and the entire Full Spectrum Communications portfolio, Quo Vadis was able to grow their company and streamline their processes like never before.

Contact Center Case Study

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about Quo Vadis, the services they provide, and what managing their business was like before Star2Star
  • See how they were able to grow with the addition of the Star2Star product portfolio
  • Learn how Contact Center became a critical component of their business structure and which features provide the greatest competitive advantage

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