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Cape Fear Academy

Private K-12 Academy

Star2Star Helps Schools Enhance Operations With Streamlined Communications System

Educational institutions need to be responsive and efficient in their daily communications as they are in frequent contact with parents and must act quickly in the case of an emergency.

When Cape Fear Academy, who had been using the same phone system for several years, realized that it was time to update, they began looking for the system with the most flexibility. Their representatives at Teleco helped them find Star2Star, introducing them to the advanced UC features and customization tools that only Star2Star can provide. Read more to discover how Star2Star helped Cape Fear Academy switch to their ideal system.

Cape Fear Academy

What You’ll Learn

  • What makes Star2Star an ultra-flexible and ultra-reliable solution
  • How Star2Star fits seamlessly with a business' workflow
  • Why Star2Star is the ideal choice for educational institutions

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