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StarSystem® Dial Plan

Stay Connected With 2 Customizable Dial Plan Options

StarSystem® Dial Plan is available for 2, 3, 4, or 5-digit extension numbering plans. 

Uniform Dialing delivers a unique numbering system across an entire Enterprise, making it easy to reach users at other locations without the need to dial a special location code (Interoffice Prefix). 

This plan also provides the ability to create customizable feature codes. For example, if you are used to dialing a specific number to reach a previous voicemail setup, this dial plan can easily be configured to accommodate that. Mirroring previously used codes can make life so much easier without the need for retraining.

Products Points

  • StarSystem® Dial Plan is fully customizable, which allows you to match your existing system.
  • Experience peace of mind with the ability to incorporate benefits from your previous system.