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Flexible call routing and scheduling for all your needs

StarScheduler provides complete flexibility for customers to establish advanced call routing rules throughout the week coupled with the ability to optionally apply holiday rules to those schedules. This feature allows the business to go beyond a basic call route following the defined location business hours. Each number/DID on the system can have its own Incoming Call Routing schedule. Schedules can be as basic as adding a lunch break step for each business day or as detailed as providing multiple steps that differ for every day of the week, including the weekend. Each schedule can be given a name that clearly describes its function.


  • The ability to route calls to multiple menus, including Night, Day, and Lunch Menus
  • The ability to establish holiday call routing in advance without the need to reset back to normal business routing
  • The flexibility to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes

Products Points

  • The ability to change schedule names to reflect a more meaningful alias to the DID
  • The ability to assign routing schedules to established destinations
  • An optimized full schedule view that displays information in 15-minute time segments
  • The ability to send detailed start and end times for each action in 5-minute increments