StarFax™ Digital

StarFax™ Digital

A Better Way To Fax

StarFax™ Digital adds cloud-based desktop faxing to your communications system. StarFax™ Digital users can send and receive high-quality faxes to and from their desktop or laptop computers without the need to make a printed copy or use a physical fax machine. StarFax™ Digital is the modern, environmentally friendly way to incorporate fax into your business workflow without paper, ink, or power hungry fax machines.

Receive Your Faxes, Anytime, Anywhere

Each StarFax™ Digital user is assigned a unique Digitalfax number for incoming faxes. When a fax is sent to that number, the system receives the fax and stores it “in the cloud” at a Star2Star data center. Incoming faxes are stored as Adobe PDF files. A list of received faxes is displayed in the StarFax™ Digital inbox.

Sending Faxes

Users can send virtually any type of printable file (doc, pdf, jpg, etc.) directly from the StarFax™ Digital software, without printing a hard copy and without using a fax machine. If you can view it on your screen, you can send it with StarFax™ Digital. Laptop users can send and receive faxes anywhere Internet connectivity is available.

Advanced Features

Advanced features in StarFax™ Digital include the ability to use multiple DIDs and a responsive layout mode.