StarFax™ Classic

StarFax™ Classic connects your fax machine to our network.

StarFax™ Classic is an innovative way to send and receive faxes using your existing analog fax machine. It connects your fax machine to the Star2Star network using a specially configured Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), providing a seamless and inexpensive faxing solution.

With StarFax™ Classic, your fax can have one or more assigned phone numbers, allowing you to send and receive faxes to and from any fax machine, anywhere. StarFax™ Classic also delivers automatic failover to email delivery in the event of a device, power, or Internet failure.

Products Points

  • Supports connection speeds of up to 14.4kbps and an unlimited number of direct-dial phone numbers routed to a single physical fax machine
  • Dynamically change which ATA the phone numbers point to through the Star2Star customer portal
  • Failover functionality that redirects faxes to a user-defined email address or email group address through the Star2Star Web Portal