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StarContact provides powerful CRM integration

StarContact integrates your company’s customer database with your Star2Star communications system. This powerful CRM integration allows you to organize, track and manage all of your customer information, activities, and conversations for:

  • Improved customer communication and retention
  • Increased company profitability
  • Enhanced customer and prospect tracking

StarContact is ideal for your sales, marketing and customer service teams who interact with customers and prospects every day. StarContact helps them better understand your customers and ensures they are delivering the right message at the right time.

StarContact provides functionality for both inbound and outbound calls. Incoming calls display customized “screen pops” containing information about the customer, including details on contact information or other CRM available fields for previous calls, interactions and orders. These “screen pops” allow users to know all about the customer and their past interaction before they even pick up the call.

Products Points

  • Unified agent desktop experience with third-party CRM integrations
  • Outbound dialer (manual or quick dial)
  • Agent productivity view
  • Real-time and historical agent and team reporting
  • Custom inbound call pops
  • Custom dialer and disposition management
  • Custom recorded messages that can be set at an administrator or agent level