A complete, full-featured contact center

StarCenter® is a complete, full-featured contact center exclusively for Star2Star’s business communications system. StarCenter delivers advanced call routing, management, real-time monitoring, analytics and reporting features. It is very easy and intuitive to use and requires minimal agent training. Administration tasks are performed using the familiar Star2Star Web Portal.

StarCenter® scales from a few users to hundreds of users, and it operates seamlessly across multiple locations. The simple, web-based user interface makes it easy to add and administer queues and agents.

With StarCenter®, you can handle every incoming call with precision and professionalism. Powerful auto attendant features allow your customers to select the call center queue that is most appropriate for their needs. Agent groups can span multiple locations, so the incoming call load can be distributed across several offices and/or time zones. You can configure StarCenter® to meet sudden upticks in call volume caused by seasonal events such as holidays or weather events.

StarCenter® can route calls to any phone, anywhere, including off-premise (remote) Star2Star phones, work-from-home employees, and even to cellular phones. It includes extensive business continuity and failover features, so your incoming calls always come through.

Products Points

  • StarView for StarCenter is a powerful and flexible analytics tool that Star2Star StarCenter customers can use to gain additional insights into the activity at their contact center(s).
  • With StarCenter SMART (StarCenter Monitoring, Alerting, And Reporting Tool), call center managers have the ability to monitor how well a system is conforming to a series of pre-defined parameters without constantly watching monitors.