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Contact Center, Star2Star’s Contact Center Solution

A complete, full-featured contact center

Many businesses struggle with trying to find the right technology to differentiate their customer service experience from the competition. Today, customer service is one of the most critical components to improving brand reputation and retaining customers no matter what industry you're in. Contact center solutions offer a personalized, user-friendly service that will enable you to offer the highest quality customer experience.

Why Star2Star is the Best Contact Center Solution 

Star2Star's Contact Center solution is a complete, full-featured contact center exclusively for Star2Star’s business communications system. Contact Center delivers advanced call routing, management, real-time monitoring, analytics, and reporting features. It is easy and intuitive to use and requires minimal agent training. Administration tasks are performed using the familiar Star2Star Web Portal.

Star2Star's Contact Center scales from a few users to hundreds of users, and it operates seamlessly across multiple locations. The simple, web-based user interface makes it easy to add and administer queues and agents.

Contact Center Auto Attendant Features

With Star2Star's Contact Center capabilities, you can handle every incoming call with precision and professionalism. Powerful auto attendant features allow your customers to select the call center queue that is most appropriate for their needs. Agent groups can span multiple locations, so the incoming call load can be distributed across several offices and/or time zones. You can configure Star2Star's Contact Center to meet sudden upticks in call volume caused by seasonal events such as holidays or weather events.

Remote Contact Center Worker Capabilities

Star2Star's Contact Center solution can route calls to any phone, anywhere, including off-premise (remote) Star2Star phones, work-from-home employees, and even to cellular phones. It includes extensive business continuity and failover features, so your incoming calls always come through.

What is CCaaS? 

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) is a cloud-based contact center solution that gives contact center agents and supervisors access to high-quality communications and collaboration tools from a single provider that hosts and maintains the equipment in its data center. Since the software is accessed on-demand, as a "service," and the provider hosts and maintains the equipment in its data center, there's no need to install physical hardware and software on-site. 

Why CCaaS Matters for Your Business

Most businesses are looking to add or expand their customer service departments. In order to do that, ready-to-use technology that enables them to add robust call center functionality is needed, and without breaking the bank. CCaaS is quickly becoming the answer for many organizations around the world as it's growing exponentially in the global market and is expected to reach $10.06 billion by 2027. Read more about Star2Star's cloud-based contact center solutions to support your business and tap into this groundbreaking technology.

Star2Star’s Contact Center Solution Features:

  • Advanced Call Routing & Ring Strategies – Route calls to agents with skills-based routing, and utilize ring strategies such as round-robin, number of calls per agent, agent talk time, various sequential models

  • Thorough Menu Key Presses – while waiting for an agent, clients can choose to go to voicemail, return to the main auto attendant, call another number, and more. 

  • Flexible announcements – improve the queuing process by using Pre-Queue Announcements, Queue Position Announcements, Pre-Answer Announcements, Periodic On-Hold Announcements, and Agent Whisper.

  • Agent Access & Phones – A robust browser-based WebRTC softphone is available for agents and supervisors that frees them from a handset. Customers that want to provide a handset experience have the option of supported phones including most Poly, Yealink, and Panasonic phones.

  • Reporting Suite – Manage your contact center using a comprehensive suite of reports with multiple outputs, graphics, and scheduling. View reports on queues, queue groups, SLAs, customer satisfaction, agent performance, agent activity timeline, custom alerts, traffic analysis, ATT and ASA history, call reasons, pause history, and much more.

  • Cloud-Native Platform – Delivers high performance, scalability, and flexibility using our proprietary cloud architecture. Star2Star’s Contact Center solution works in complete harmony with intelligent cloud-based call routing and integrates with the Star2Star platform. Agents can login from any location and leverage the power of the cloud.

  • Superior Quality Management – Analyze NPS, CSAT, and Custom Surveys to improve your ability to better understand customer satisfaction levels and adjust your CX strategy in near real-time. Use agent Call Recording and Whisper to coach and guide your agents to deliver the best customer experiences.

Are You Looking for a Contact Center Phone System?

Sangoma offers businesses of all sizes a contact center phone system, powered by Switchvox. Star2Star, a Sangoma company, knows that without the outbound call campaigns and tools dispersing calls between service and sales teams, call management can become laborious quickly. With Sangoma’s contact center phone system customers can:

  • Increase staff efficiency by automating call flows

  • Provide superior customer service with advanced call queue features

  • Create a branded customer service experience with the option to select hold music, advertising messaging, estimated wait-time, call queue position, and more

  • Present a consistent message while quickly sorting calls to their ideal destination with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Enhance your customer service with powerful call queues built into all Switchvox contact center phone systems.

Which Contact Center Solution Is Right For you? 

Not sure which Contact Center Solution is right for your organization? We offer a comprehensive selection of solutions, but every business is unique in its operational needs. Compare our contact center solutions and decide what best meets your needs!

Star2Star, along with Sangoma, can provide customers with contact center solutions, contact center phone systems, and more. Contact us to learn more about our contact center capabilities.


Products Points

  • StarView for Contact Center is a powerful and flexible analytics tool that Star2Star Contact Center customers can use to gain additional insights into the activity at their contact center(s).
  • With Contact Center SMART (Star2Star Monitoring, Alerting, And Reporting Tool), call center managers have the ability to monitor how well a system is conforming to a series of predefined parameters without constantly watching monitors.