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Connected Workspace: Your Business In A Box

Your Workspace, Wherever You Are

You’re a Small to Medium sized business (SMB) looking for a simplified way to streamline your workflows and save money. You don’t have the time, or the expertise to deal with IT infrastructure, or setting up end-user applications and communication equipment. You need Connected Workspace powered by Star2Star!

What Is Connected Workspace?

Connected Workspace is our complete desktop experience, delivered from the cloud and accessible from any location on any device. Connected Workspace allows your staff to access and use all their familiar tools and applications on their local devices, being delivered from the cloud via a secured connection. With Connected Workspace, users simply log into a secured web portal, from their device and connect to their:

  • Corporate applications such as Salesforce, Office365, SugarCRM, and more
  • Virtual Windows 10 Desktop with their customized apps, just like a typical PC
  • Softphone client for extension calling, text messaging, MS Teams, video conferencing, Call Center suite and more

Products Points

  • Re-vitalize Your IT Staff
  • No Business Interruption
  • Flexible Options
  • Predictable Billing & No Seat Minimum
  • No Expensive VPNs
  • No More Expensive Laptops
  • Improved Productivity
  • Easy Remote Staff Onboarding