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Product Information

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  • Activity Starlet

    Make Communications Simple

  • Analog Fax

    Analog Fax connects your fax machine to our network.

  • Call Recording

    Star2Star provides the option of system-wide call recording

  • Chat

    Instant Messaging For Ongoing Productivity

  • Communications Quality Guarantee

  • Company Overview Brochure

    The Future Of Scalable Cloud Communications

  • Connected Workspace: Your Business In A Box

    Your Workspace, Wherever You Are

  • Contact Center & Service Insight

    Compare Our Contact Center and Service Insight Solutions

  • Contact Center, Star2Star’s Contact Center Solution

    A complete, full-featured contact center

  • CRM Integration

    Connect With Your Customers On A Deeper Level

  • Desktop Softphone

    No Longer Have To Choose Between Location & Functionality

  • Digital Fax

    Digital Fax

  • Employee Alerts

    Keep Employees Informed With Instant Alerts

  • Enterprise VoIP Slick

    Powerful & Reliable VoIP Solutions for the Enterprise

  • GSA Capabilities Statement

    Star2Star Helps Government Agencies

  • Interactive Star2Star Partner Overview Brochure

    A high-level overview of Star2Star

  • Mass Notification

    Enhance Communications With Company-wide Messaging

  • Maximizing Technology Investments With Sangoma Voice for Microsoft Teams

    Now Leverage Enterprise-Grade Calling From Sangoma

  • Mobile Fax

    Mobile Fax

  • Mobile Softphone App (Android)

    Mobility Perfected

  • Mobile Softphone App (iOS)

    Mobility, perfected for your iPhone

  • Phone Comparison Guide

    Which Phone Is Right For You?

  • Receptionist Console

    The center of your communications universe

  • Service Insight

    Customer Engagement & Analytics

  • StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN Family

  • StarConference™

    Employees can attend meetings without leaving their desks

  • StarContact

    StarContact provides powerful CRM integration

  • StarRecovery™

    Maintain communications when a disaster strikes

  • StarReporter

  • StarScheduler

    Flexible call routing and scheduling for all your needs

  • StarSystem® Dial Plan

    Stay Connected With 2 Customizable Dial Plan Options

  • StarSystem® Features And Benefits

    What Star2Star Has To Offer

  • Team Hub

    Browser-based Team Collaboration Solution

  • The Connected Workplace

    The Connected Workplace

  • Urgent Notification

    Enhance Communications With Instant & Emergency Messages

  • Wholesale Program Brochure

    Full Spectrum Communications Solutions