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Learn How MUY! And Over 150,000 Other Business Users Are Benefiting From Star2Star's Unique Cloud Architecture

If you still aren’t sure that Scalable Cloud Communications from Star2Star is the right choice for your business, check out our webinar, Selecting The Right UCaaS Architecture For Your Business. to learn more!

Gartner WebinarWho You’ll Hear From

  • Bern Elliot, Vice President and Analyst with Gartner Research, has over 20 years experience in information technology and is the current lead analyst in unified communications.
  • Michelle Accardi, Chief Operations Officer of Star2Star Communications, is an accomplished 20-year marketing veteran and the author of Agile Marketing.
  • Dan Karam, Chief Information Officer with MUY! Brands, is responsible for the technology at over 390 restaurants, a 25-seat call center, more than 50 above-store leaders, and the company’s Restaurant Support Center.

What You’ll Learn

  • Gartner’s assessment of the strategies and capabilities of different UC solutions relative to each other
  • The market dynamics, drivers, and inhibitors of UC and how the various UC options are developing in the market
  • The advantages of Full Spectrum Communications
  • How the role of the UC buyer is evolving over time and what is driving broader internal adoption
  • Who Star2Star is and how we improve business communications with a rich suite of UC features
  • What contributes to Star2Star’s exceptional voice quality
  • How Star2Star deals with major barriers to UC adoption
  • Who MUY! Brands is and their UC deployment strategy

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