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Your company’s phone system is its lifeline. Having a fail-proof system that can scale as your business grows is essential. Many organizations are forgoing their legacy phone systems and switching to cloud-based “hosted” systems. By doing so, they will save money on hardware, IT staff and loss of customers, as well as free up workers to focus on business, instead of phone system monitoring and maintenance. 

In fact, Gartner says that businesses are placing more faith, and more mission-critical applications, in the cloud. What’s more, the research firm predicts that traditional on-premises software deployments will shrink to 18 percent by 2017, compared to 34 percent in 2014.

Listed below are three phone system features that will be improved upon when moving from an on-premises PBX to a cloud-based phone system: 

Scalability: Being able to accommodate growth in your organization is important for continued success. Imagine this scenario: You’ve decided that it’s time to expand and hire new managers to assist in growing your organization. Since you don’t want to limit who you can hire by location, you’ll be considering candidates scattered across the country who may want to work remotely. With an on-premises phone system, setting up out-of-office employees can prove frustrating; even getting an in-house employee set up requires a slew of tasks that can take a week or more. These tasks include wire installation, adding new information into the system and managing a deluge of back and forth emails. On the other hand, with a cloud-based phone system infrastructure, setup is easy because it requires far less on-premises hardware installation, monitoring and maintenance—significantly unburdening your IT staff. With a system hosted through the cloud on one platform, integrating new employees into the phone system is accomplished easily through the provider.

Reliability: With a constant need for communication, organizations require a phone system that will stay up and running through any problem or disaster. If your organization were to experience a flood, snowstorm or fire, customers should still have a way to access your employees. With a cloud-based system, calls can be forwarded to other offices or employees’ mobile phones. Even if the Internet is down, customers will be able to hear phone greetings, receive directory cues and leave voicemails. Loss of power is no deterrent to customer access either, as a cloud-based solution ensures that your phone system remains hard at work. 

Cost-efficiency: Expanding upon an on-premises phone system is an expensive proposition. Doing so requires that a company invest in all of the hardware, software and servers associated with on-premises equipment. Moreover, the labor required to install the phone system is also costly. Once all of the systems are in place, they will need maintenance, so don’t forget to factor in the cost of a couple of employees dedicated to monitoring and fine-tuning the on-premises solution. With a cloud-hosted solution, conversely, you pass all these obligations off to the cloud provider.

A cloud-based phone system drastically cuts expenses, provides enhanced reliability and can grow in size when your organization does. 93 percent of 930 technical professionals surveyed this year by Right Scale said that they are using the cloud to run applications or to experiment with infrastructure as a service. 

Your organization shouldn’t have to rely on legacy hardware and software that needs replacing every few years, and it certainly shouldn’t be at the mercy of Mother Nature when a storm or natural disaster strikes. With that said, 2016 is right around the corner so don’t stay stuck in the past. Make sure that your mission-critical phone system can cost-effectively handle anything that comes up and your business goals don’t become “Mission Impossible.”

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