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When evaluating the customer experience your business presents to customers, you should try adopting their perspective.  Think about your own experiences with customer service representatives, both negative and positive.

According to the “2012 Global Customer Service Barometer” report compiled by American Express, 26 percent of consumers have been transferred from agent to agent without any resolution of their problem. The same report found that consumers are twice as likely to share a bad customer service experience as they are to talk about a positive one.

These statistics underscore the importance of quality customer service. Consumers expect to have instant access to your contact center over whatever channel is most convenient to them. If your company is not as accommodating as it could be, a unified communications (UC) solution may be right for you.

UC allows your business to merge all of your existing communications technology into one system, and take advantage of value-added features including text chat, conferencing, presence management, advanced queuing and ring group options, and more. With UC, your customers can chat live with a representative via instant messaging from work during their lunch break or conference with an agent from a laptop while waiting to board a flight. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Furthermore, your business can utilize features such as auto attendants to ensure you are serving customers quickly and professionally even when a live attendant is not available. Auto attendants give you the flexibility to configure consistent, helpful responses to consumer inquiries and avoid subjecting them to lengthy wait times.

Other features enabled by UC keep you in contact with customers as well. Advanced disaster prevention and recovery protections will automatically forward calls to remote locations or even employee cell phones if your offices are inaccessible. Bursting lines will automatically add lines on the fly when all current lines are in use, preventing customers from ever hearing a busy signal.

To avoid falling behind the times—and your competition—consider investigating the ways UC can help you improve your customers’ experience. If you would like to know more about the World’s Most Scalable Cloud Communications Solution, find out more about Star2Star Communications here.


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