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world backup day

Last year was the worst on record for data breaches and data loss. Compromised records were up 24.2 percent year-over-year, breaches rose 20 percent, and massive outages bombarded even some of the most highly regarded tech companies in the world today. 

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Given the state of network security today, World Backup Day is a holiday that we all should observe, perhaps even more than once a year. This day, celebrated annually on March 31, is meant to serve as a reminder for all business leaders to secure and backup their data to more than one storage system. 

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In observance of World Backup Day, here are three simple steps you can take to ensure that your communications are protected:

Encrypt What You Cannot Control

If you’re ready to take security seriously, a good place to start is with encryption. Ditch public WiFi in favor of a VPN to make it harder for anyone to access your networks and data. There are also plenty of messaging services using encryption as a baseline. 

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Close Gaps In Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Just because you have firewalls, antivirus software, and an IT team monitoring your network activity does not mean your cybersecurity is completely foolproof. These solutions lock the front door, but every employee can open it back up by clicking the wrong link or signing a personal mobile device onto the wrong public network. In order to minimize risks, establishing a safety-conscious policy for all online activities and sending out frequent reminders can help avoid any potential security issues.

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Back It Up

Of course, we cannot ignore this crucial piece of advice. On-site resources can be backed up with a secondary redundant network that ensures continuity in an emergency. Additionally, off-site colocated cloud-based storage will provide an added layer of data protection should your on-premise network suffer a catastrophic loss. And it always helps to back up your files several times a year even as much as once or twice a month.


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