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Many unified communications (UC) providers promise high reliability without revealing how they provide it or explaining exactly how they guarantee a high quality of service. Star2Star Communications, however, is always happy to explain how we protect call quality at all times because we are confident that our methods speak for themselves.

StarWatch Continuous Monitoring proactively checks on Star2Star customer locations every few minutes, so someone is always keeping an eye on your voice service. If two checkup cycles pass without a response from the system for any reason (for example a power or Internet outage), the customer and the Star2Star partner who provided the system are alerted immediately. This notification is called StarNotify. We monitor the quality of every call made between customer phone systems and our data center 24/7/365, and our technology automatically adjusts to changing conditions If a problem arises.

Star2Star’s 99.999% uptime reliability guarantee is also based on protections like:

  • Redundant Internet connections that allow us to automatically switch between multiple Internet circuits at your location if our monitoring detects a problem
  • Partnerships with multiple traditional telephone carriers to send your calls over the traditional phone network when necessary
  • StarRecovery™ disaster avoidance and recovery, which immediately takes over as your phone system when an outage occurs
  • Guaranteed next-day replacement of all Star2Star-provided parts
  • Our StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN is built on a solid-state platform with no easily-breakable moving parts

The bottom line is that Star2Star is committed to providing unfailing reliability to customers and has the résumé to back up that claim. Our system hasn’t gone down for even a second since 2011, a record our competition simply can’t match. Additionally, Star2Star’s unique cloud architecture was recently honored with Frost & Sullivan’s Product Differentiation Excellence Award for the quality of our end-to-end UC solution. Want to learn more about how Star2Star is different from other UC providers? Click here to download our white paper “The Benefits of Full Spectrum Communications.”



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