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As we come up to the busiest travel days of the year, tens of thousands of plane tickets and hotel rooms will be booked and millions of restaurant tables will be reserved. To better serve the traveling public over all of the holidays during the festive season, hospitality facilities should think about implementing unified communications (UC).

Making a hotel or restaurant run smoothly takes a wide skill set and a lot of people. There are legions of workers behind the scenes and dealing directly with customers making stays as positive as possible for guests. At the same time, there are many ways a guest can interact digitally: via web, SMS, email, social media, or apps. They expect to be able to request services from any department through their channel of choice.  

Sadly, many hospitality facilities rely on radios, pagers, and old-fashioned pen and paper to do their jobs. According to a 2015 survey from Software Advice, 25% of U.S. hoteliers still use pen and paper to manage their entire properties, and another 16% of respondents said they had no system at all (aka 100% analog). 

All of this creates a fractured environment that cries out for a platform that enables the receiving, dispatching, monitoring, and analyzing of service requests and communication, all via an intuitive user interface. Without it, hotels are in danger of failing in the customer service arena—which hits the bottom line quickly and hard.

"Hotels see ROI from delivering authentic experiences," Prakash Shukla, ex-CIO of Taj Hotels, told HospitalityNet. "Experience and authenticity comes from a consistent end-to-end service. If I have a good check-in process and room service messes up, that is no good, and I will write about the bad experience that I had. If I have a hotel with a great ambiance, but they screw up on my airport pickup, I am going to write about it. It comes down to the weakest link phenomenon."

Unified communications on the other hand helps guests and staff to interact in real-time across any device. Seamless contact and intuitive processes also allow hotels to optimize their operations, with the result of significant cost savings, improved efficiency and increased revenue opportunities.

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