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Business downtime has real costs, which is why Star2Star has placed a unique focus on disaster recovery and keeping your critical communications up and running in any given scenario.

Technology firm IHS Inc. said in a 2016 report that, in aggregate, information and communication technology (ICT) downtime is costing North American organizations $700 billion per year. On average, survey respondents said that they experience five downtime events per month, leading to 27 hours of downtime. Other studies paint a similar picture; a 2016 Bluelock survey found that one-third of companies have experienced a technology-related disruption in the past two years.

"Our research found that the cost of ICT downtime is substantial, from $1 million a year for a typical mid-size company to over $60 million for a large enterprise," said Matthias Machowinski, research director for enterprise networks and video at IHS. "The main cost of downtime is lost productivity and revenue. Fixing the problem is a minor cost factor, which means a small investment in increasing the reliability of ICT systems will provide an outsized return by reducing productivity and revenue losses.”

Network interruptions are the biggest culprit of downtime and have far-reaching consequences. Applications, servers, and devices may all be working fine, but they can't communicate with each other when the network is down. Interruptions in the communications systems that are the lifeblood of most companies (think voice, messaging, collaboration platforms, and unified communications) can spell chaos in terms of unhappy customers, lost revenue opportunities, the general loss of productivity, and overall competitiveness.

Given the very real costs, more and more companies are turning to solutions that have disaster recovery (DR) options built in. In fact, Bluelock found that 80 percent of business IT staff place a high value on protecting the business against disruption, with 60 percent of IT pros going so far to agree that it is “extremely important” to do so.

IHS added that organizations are actively making changes to reduce the impact of downtime, from investing in early-detection capabilities to improving redundancy, training and hiring new people, and implementing backup processes that don't rely on ICT systems.

Star2Star understands the importance of disaster recovery and has architected its UC and collaboration platform to provide a 99.999% uptime SLA for voice service, free next-business-day parts replacement, and ongoing support via two U.S.-based NOCs with round-the-clock monitoring alerts, even on holidays. 

The platform delivers the benefits of both on-premise and cloud deployments, with a unique cloud architecture that combines an on-premise edge device and a suite of cloud-based services hosted at highly-reliable, redundant data centers.  The StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN runs from flash or solid-state disk memory, so there’s no spinning hard drive to wear out or fail unexpectedly.

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