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In today’s fast-paced work environment, being productive is essential to the success of your small business. Effective communication with clients and co-workers can lead to a more productive work day, helping to propel your growing business to the front of the pack. If you’re still operating with a legacy phone system, your business is likely less competitive than it could be. An upgrade to a phone system that is scalable and customizable can help your business break free of the constraints from your old, outdated system. What’s more, when you grow further, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the new influx of business.

With a customizable solution, businesses can pick and choose from a long list of features that improve work capacity. A personalized auto attendant, call forwarding and conference calling are just a few of the many features available to enhance your scalable communications solution.

Below is a more in-depth look at these three features and how utilizing them can help streamline your business’s communications. 

Personalized auto attendant: An auto attendant allows your business to eliminate the need for a full-time receptionist. When customers call in, they are directed to an automated receptionist that provides them with options on how to route their call—whether through an extension number or name. The auto attendant will help to cut your company’s overall costs and simplify the process of transferring calls. Your auto attendant will be accessible 24/7 to route your customers’ calls within your business, enhancing the customer experience. Furthermore, you will have complete control over the welcome message, and can even tailor it for holidays and other events, adding a higher level of professionalism to your phone system. 

Call forwarding: You may not always be in the office, but you still need to be in contact with your customer base and co-workers to operate effectively. A call forwarding feature enables users to utilize their work phones from their home or mobile phones. Users can also program a phone sequence for forwarded calls, such as cell phone first, followed by desk phone, and so on, depending on the day’s plans. A feature like this provides ultimate flexibility outside of the office.  

Conference Calling: A simple, yet, effective feature, conference calling enables users to dial-in multiple workers, clients or any combination of contacts for a group session. Having everyone you need in one place, so to speak, makes communication far easier. Discussing a team plan or important business developments is now as easy as connecting with the necessary parties and speaking on the same line. 

By utilizing these features and others available with a scalable communications solution, you’ll streamline your business communications. For more information about how Star2Star can help your company, click here for its long list of scalable cloud communication solutions and features. 


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