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This is shaping up to be a holiday season like no other, as the surging pandemic is forcing shoppers to make online purchases from the safety of their homes. According to one study, online shopping could top $200 billion this holiday season, representing 33 percent YoY growth. 

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As a result of the widespread shift to online shopping, new customer experience challenges are arising. For example, online shoppers are more apt to pick up the phone and call customer service with questions about products or services — putting more pressure on companies to provide fast and reliable phone support. 

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Companies that can’t provide efficient phone service are liable to lose customers to competitors. Making matters more complicated, companies are tasked with providing strong service from distributed remote environments. One way that companies can streamline service is by leveraging VoIP. 

VoIP Phone Essentials

VoIP — or Voice over Internet Protocol — is a technology that converts analog voice signals into digital signals and transmits them over a broadband connection. 

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By leveraging VoIP, it’s possible to make calls from a computer or VoIP-enabled phone. Businesses no longer need to rely on the outdated and expensive publicly switched telephone network to make calls and communicate with customers. 

How VoIP Phone Service Can Help During The Holiday Rush

VoIP is an essential technology that can help businesses respond to customer needs during the busy holiday months. Here are a few key benefits to keep in mind for the holiday season.

Scale Faster

Scalability is critical during the busy holiday rush. Businesses need to be able to get temporary seasonal agents up and running quickly, and from a distance. 

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By leveraging VoIP, businesses can scale rapidly — giving remote agents immediate access to the tools they need to start working from home environments. And when the holiday season is over, accounts can be quickly deprovisioned. 

Enable Anywhere Access

Companies can also use VoIP to allow employees to work from any location. A VoIP account can be easily accessed from a home environment, or on-site — providing maximum flexibility and convenience. 

Provide Enhanced Security 

Companies need to go above and beyond to secure customer interactions over home networks. VoIP can help by offering full encryption, along with enhanced security measures like real-time monitoring. Companies can use VoIP to protect data in transit. 

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Achieve Social Distancing In The Workplace 

Of course, not all teams are working remotely right now. Companies that are operating from office environments need to be extra careful about social distancing, to keep COVID-19 from spreading among workers. 

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With VoIP enabled tools for team collaboration, video conferencing, customer engagement, and contact center solutions, businesses can operate normally while maintaining safe distance protocols.

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